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Architecture Design

A specialized team of the best architects in Islamabad is dedicated to providing you with architectural services like shop drawings, electrical drawings, mechanical drawings, plumbing drawings, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) drawings, and fire extinguisher drawings keeping your financial budgets in mind. With attention to detail and premium design, we bring deep constructional understanding, high-quality materials, and our proficient team together to provide an exceptional architectural design that improves overall lifestyle. Squarhom is an expert in dealing with landscaping, interior and exterior lighting, material selection, and creative space planning thus creating appealing and harmonious surroundings.


3D Modeling

Visualize and get a realistic view of your design to explore different angles and viewpoints enhancing the overall design and look of your building with our extensive and realistic 3D models. We picture every aspect of the design to iterate on ideas for your architectural project before construction. By utilizing advanced software and a deep understanding we deliver detailed 3D models that depict realistic representations of the project. Our 3D modeling services help you get a clear picture of the final outcome of your design. 3D models help you understand layout, materials, and design elements resulting in a hassle-free design process. 3D designs enable effectively communicate and collaborate with clients and architects.



Squarhom delivers a wide range of construction services, providing exceptional quality and details in every project. We make sure the execution of plans and project meets both timelines and budgets. From site preparation to the final touches, Squarhom manages all construction-related processes to ensure client satisfaction. Our team maintains open communication with clients, architects, and contractors to ensure the seamless execution of projects, relieving our clients from extra burdens and difficulties during the construction phase. Our goal is to satisfy our clients till the end day and make them sure why choosing Squarhom was the smartest decision they have made. Get ready for a worry-free construction experience allowing you to enjoy and get excited about the final outcome.

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Interior Design

Interior design goes hand in hand with exterior design. Choose an aesthetic color scheme for indoor and durable outdoor material for your building with Squarhom’s talented designers. Enhance the indoor comfort and appeal of your outlook by creating modern interiors and exteriors. Squarhom’s expertise in interior design helps you create aesthetic space that will showcase the client’s unique style and preference. Our specially designed team of architects keeps in mind your expectation and the finest materials while transforming your environments that works out not only for you but enhances the functionality of the space. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional results that not only create aesthetic space but also be light on your pockets.


Real Estate

Squarhom offers reliable real estate services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi for our valuable clients. With our strong network and communities, we help you buy, sell, rent, or invest in property in Islamabad and Rawalpindi keeping your requirements and budgets in consideration. We provide wide-ranging real estate services, guiding clients while choosing a budget-friendly property in Islamabad/Rawalpindi. We have trustworthy real estate agents who go above and beyond to understand your requirements, budgets, and preference and guide you to the best match in twin cities. We make sure to involve our clients in all legal and other matters to avoid any kind of monetary fraud as we are firm believers in “Honesty is the best policy”.